Lonelywood – Ten Towns of Icewind Dale

I. Locations

Falling Star Tavern

The Falling Star is Lonelywood's second drinking establishment, and probably the only respectable place to sleep. The tavern owes its name and reputation to the Spellfire anomaly at its center: An ever-burning flame of scintillating, azure beauty, captured at the center of the tavern in an expensive fireplace. The proprietor, a jocular Hin and his small but hard-working family, fabricated (or rather "embellished") a story about a Tear of Selune, fallen from the sky itself.

The building is a domed edifice of solid brick and three wings for rooms. Its lobby is likewise circular, with the 'fallen star' at its center. The proprietor is a grey-and-black haired Hin fellow with excellent manners and a taste for hospitality, named Osborne Talbot, and his wife, Mary Talbot. Falling Star generally enjoys prosperous patronage, although the Spellfire does make a few visitors and townsfolk wary. Mr. Talbot is also known to carry a fine vintage of frostwine.

Elk Lodge

A hunting lodge, storehouse and drinking establishment in one, the Elk Lodge is the eponymous communal home of the Elk tribe of Uthgart Barbarians, or what's left of them. The Elk is perhaps the oldest remaining tribe of the ancient Uthgart, whose populations have migrated, dwindled or swelled from region to region in the last century. Owing to their incredible tenacity and will, the Elk have carved a home for themselves into Lonelywood, and in doing so, have become the de facto protectors of the small town at the edge of the growing wild of the tundra.

If only they were a little more civil. The Elk are known to be loud, violent, boisterous and responsible for at least a third of the alcohol revenue generated by Lonelywood. The Lodge doubles as a giant store-room for meat from the hunt: hunts which the Elk often lead, or sponsor. The Elk form the majority of the hunters of Lonelywood, and also their standing militia. The Lodge is currently headed by a retired Elk named Einarr Hjortrson.
Lovell and Lovell Traders

A trading post now become a warehouse and general store, Lovell and Lovell barters and sells most of Lonelywood's imported goods, largely crafted finery or foods unavailable in the north: Breads, wine, produce, supplies for most practical trades, and arms for the militia. Lovell also facilitates a steady income into the town of Lonelywood by acting as a middleman between the settlement and Luruar, Gray Vale and the Sword Coast.

The trading post has operated under the care and supervision of Amelia and Anton Lovell, sister and brother from Gray Vale. Amelia is in her late thirties, and Anton in his forties, respectable and well-respected. Lonelywood has been good to them, and their presence provides work opportunity for many of the youths. 
Moonmaiden's Hall

The religious center of Lonelywood was erected some sixty years ago by a small group of Luruari Silverstars. Moonmaiden's Hall is a tall edifice of white stone and sturdy wood, with nine spires circling its central hall. This temple is home to a dozen clerics and twice that many acolytes, whose duties range from healing, scholarship, tutoring, spiritual support and-if needed-defense. The Hall is simple but clean, beautiful without excess.

The head of the temple is an aging cleric named Harold Thorpe. A half dozen armed paladins owe their allegiance to a middle-aged, sharp eyed half-elven Silverstar Calder Steinn. Steinn is a stern, taciturn Avenger, though he keeps his hands free of the militia and their training. Under Thorpe's leadership, the children of Lonelywood are given the opportunity for a decent education. Additionally, the temple welcomes novice acolytes every year. 
Town Hall

The administrative center of Lonelywood is generally rather empty. Lord Albin Clarke, the current mayor of Lonelywood, is available to visitors during the morning and afternoon hours of the day. Lord Clarke employs a castellan, Goodman Birger, to handle most of his appointments, paperwork and duties, of which there are precious few. Occasionally, a citizen might call upon the Town Hall to settle a dispute, purchase some new land, or pay a debt. In general, Lord Clarke's visitors arrive for leisure and small-talk. Lonelywood is a rather self sufficient community, and taxation is likewise small. 
II. People
Lord Albin Clarke – Mayor of Lonelywood. Landowner and Hunting Enthusiast
Calder Steinn – Half Elven Avenger of Selune. Taciturn and Dedicated
Catherine Winters – Wife of John Winters and Mother of Arabelle Winters. Seamstress
John Winters – Father of Arabelle Winters, Senior Fisherman
Einarr Hjortrson – Aged Elk Tribesman, Owner of the Elk Lodge
Harold Thorpe – Silverstar of Selune, Scholar and Healer
Lovell and Lovell – Merchant Siblings and Entrepreneurs
Talbot Family – Halfling Family Proprietors of the Falling Star
Roderick Thorpe – Town Ranger, Outdoorsman and Silvanite
Halvar Eofrwic Blackbrow – Metallurgist Guild, Officer
Elaine Brooke – Captain of the Guard
Magnus Verner – Thaumaturge, Alchemist, Arcanist
III. History


Arabelle Winters Silverdawn